How to install Quit Smoking widget?

1. Touch and hold an empty area of the home screen
2. Select Widget
3. Select Quit (standard)

How are the Smoking Day Length , the Length of Time between Cigarettes , the Quote calculated?

The application performs all calculations based on individual data for each smoker (original data that you enter before you start using the application and the daily changes in your behavior during smoking), statistics and data from clinical studies.

What is displayed on the graph on my screen?

The graph on the phone screen shows the number of smoked cigarettes during the day - along the vertical line and the number of days which you use the application - along the horizontal line. The green graph is the number of cigs smoked. The red line is the daily limit.

What version of Android is running Quit Smoking?

Quit Smoking is running on Android 1.6 and higher.

How do I add a cigarette if I smoked when I was unable to or forgot to click on the “Smoke”?

If you have not had the opportunity or you forgot to press the "smoke", be sure to press the button as many times as you had smoked cigarettes. The application performs calculations by analyzing individual data. But anyway, single deviations from the real course of things will not change the overall picture. Just not forget to click on the button Smoke.

How do I reset all the data ?

To clear all data follow these steps:
1. Select Settings
2. Select Applications
3. Select Quit
4. Select Clear Data

How to transfer all data from the application if I want to buy a new phone?

To transfer all data follow these steps:
1. Select Settings
2. Select the button Backup to SD card
3. Copy the file Backup.quit to the SD card
4. Install Quit Smoking on the new phone
5. Select Settings
6. Select the button Restore from SD card