Start exercising. Physical exercise will help you relax, serve as moral support, and rid your body of toxins. Walk instead of going by car or bus, give up the elevators, and enroll a sports club to start a new life.
Do daily breathing exercises for 3-5 mins. Inhale slowly through the nose, hold for a few seconds, then exhale very slowly through the mouth.
Find a partner – a smoker who also wants to quit. Encourage each other, turn to each other for support when you feel that you are losing faith.
Clean your teeth thoroughly. Pay attention to how fast their state improves and how they become white. Imagine how they will look in a month and enjoy the feeling.
Drink lots of water. Have a bottle of water or juice about you and make a sip as often as you can. Firstly, you will replace the customary movement ‘hand-mouth’; secondly, it will help reduce detoxication symptoms: dry mouth and sore throat
Realise at what time you have a desire to smoke, for example, during periods of stress, after meals, while commuting to work, etc. Try to avoid these situations; if that is impossible - find the other behaviors at such moments.
Write an inspiring song or poem on "Giving Up Smoking", about cigarettes, and what it means to you to give up tobacco. Sing or recite it dayly.
Every time you have a desire to smoke, write down your feelings or whatever's on your mind instead of smoking. Carry this sheet about you at all times.
You made up your mind to quit. Make a thorough clean-up in your apartment. Throw out all the ashtrays, lighters, empty packs and items related to smoking.
"Do I have enough willpower?" Remember the most difficult things in life that you have already done. You have the desire, motivation, and a commitment.
Talk to your doctor about your quitting smoking. Support and direction provided by a doctor - a proven way to improve your chances of success.
Keep a positive attitude. It's one of the most positive actions you have ever made.
Do not justify your smoking by the possibility of gaining weight. You will become more active and more able to will spend more time on exercise, and therefore will be able to resist further weight gain.
Breathe fresh air and breathe it deeply. Smell various wonderful smells. Start spending time outdoors. Many new experiences await you.
Do not get angry too much. When we are angry, our minds tell us that we need a cigarette to cope with this feeling. Before your brain learns that a cigarette is not necessary to cope with anger, try to avoid situations that may upset you.
Do not allow yourself to get hungry. It is amazing how our minds tell us that everything is bad, when in fact we just need some food.
Do not strain yourself. When we are tired, we easily become irritated. Then our minds tell us that a cigarette can help. Our resistance determination fails us, and then we can easily say, «Well, I guess I'll smoke.».
Find something to keep your hands busy with. We are used to holding a cigarette; get yourself a small rubber ball. It’s also good to play with plasticine or clay.
Do not drink alcohol while you are giving up smoking. Once alcohol gets into your body, your resistance drops significantly.
Praise yourself as often as you can. What you are doing is not an easy task. It takes a lot of stamina to stop smoking.
Remember that the discomfort you are experiencing may last up to two weeks but it will finally come to an end, and you will not have to experience it again.
Remember -- it takes only one cigarette to resume smoking. Do not fool yourself thinking that you can start and stop smoking whenever you want.
Carry a photograph of your family or someone you care for. Write on a sheet of paper: "I give up smoking for myself and for you" and attach it to the photo. Whenever you want to smoke, look at the photo and read the inscription.
As soon as you feel an impulse to smoke, keep yourself busy with something. Early evening is often the most difficult time of the day. Take up some sport or a hobby, or meet with friends.
Find a replacement to a cigarette. If you're in a meeting or at a party, take a glass of non-alcoholic cocktail to keep your hand busy. Or have a chewing gum close at hand.
As soon as you quit smoking, you will immediately notice the growth of your personal budget, comparable to a heavy pay increase. Use this money to pamper and please yourself and your loved ones.
Failures occur so do not fall into despair. Many ex-smokers made several attempts before they were able to cope with addiction.
Hold a cigarette with the hand that is unusual for you. Buy the kind that you particularly dislike.
Make access to cigarettes very difficult for yourself. For example, wrap the pack with adhesive tape or the carry it in the farthest pocket.